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The Chalmers University of Technology is one of the best universities there. It is also one of the oldest universities, as well as many academic and academic departments, as well as scientific research.

About the Chalmers University of Technology

-The University was founded in 1829 by William Chalmers, and its purpose was to teach poor and poor students to read and write, then in 1829 on December 5, it was transferred to the University of Technology, Many sections are headed by trade.

-The University is distinguished by its continuous pursuit of the needs of students to lead the labor market after graduation in Sweden and abroad. Therefore, their scientific curricula are enriched and encouraged to learn continuously, as well as to train them in the best places, institutions and companies.

As for the field of scientific research, the University provides $ 1 billion per year under the auspices of scientific research, technological development and computer science, as well as working to receive the most important scientists to teach their students, in addition to encouraging them constantly and the University has already been able to provide a large number of research Scientific knowledge of them.

Majors And Academic Programs – Chalmers University of Technology

Faculty of Civil and Architectural Engineering

Through this college, a number of curricula related to architecture, civil engineering and humanities are offered, as well as the development of cities, as well as the interest in the environment and not to damage them, as well as learning the design of buildings from the outside and inside, Applied Engineering Sites.

Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering – Chalmers University of Technology

The College seeks to provide many chemical studies, the most important of which are the studies of technology and its relationship to chemistry, as well as the studies of energy sciences, as well as studies on the treatment of the heart by chemistry, as well as the uses of three-dimensional technology in chemical laboratories, Recycling of materials and attention to energy resources, with interest to the environment, and through this college is providing a large number of wonderful laboratories to help students to learn and apply, followed by several sections including building the future and energy and information technology and communication and life engineering and Tech And Loggia nanotechnology and materials and other sciences.

Faculty of Communication and Education Sciences

Through this college, a large number of scientific and applied subjects are studied, which include specialized studies in communication sciences and methods of development of various kinds, and teaching students to be future teachers.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering – Chalmers University of Technology

Through this faculty, all electrical engineering, communication methods, control systems and electricity applications are studied in many sciences, including medical studies, as well as the use of electricity in the future leadership and enrichment of modern technology.

Faculty of Mathematics

Through this college, all mathematical sciences are taught, and their relation to various other sciences, especially chemistry and modern engineering sciences.

Faculty of Physics – Chalmers University of Technology

Through this college many sciences are taught, especially gamma rays, as well as learning all about energy and how to exploit it optimally without harming the environment, as well as interest in technology, especially nanotechnology, and the college is accompanied by a large number Of the specialized laboratories, in order to enrich the educational process, as well as to provide a distinct field of scientific research.

Faculty of Earth Sciences, Space and Environment – Chalmers University of Technology

Through this college all geology and earth sciences are studied, as are environmental studies, space science, energy science and basic energy sources. Through this section, a large number of scientific researches have been presented.

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