Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Italy


Catholic University of the Sacred Heart is one of the most famous and best universities in Italy. Catholic University of the Sacred Heart has been ranked among the best universities in the world, and it is possible to obtain the MSc and PhD degrees. It also receives international students from abroad to learn and obtain certificates from them.

About the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart

-The Catholic University of the Sacred Heart was established on the 2nd of October of 1924, and this university was established, in the area of ​​Milan.

-The Catholic University of the Sacred Heart has passed many stages in its development, and this has included the university departments.

-The University is working to provide outstanding scientific research, in many scientific fields, and the most famous of these areas, specifically medical fields.

-The Catholic University of the Sacred Heart has been attached to a number of universities recently, and that was in 1990, and has been among these sections Finance, foreign languages ​​and others.

Majors And Academic Programs – Catholic University of the Sacred Heart

faculty of Agriculture

This course aims at increasing the level of agricultural engineering in Italy and the world at large.

Faculty of Arts and Philosophy

This college offers a number of courses on the studies of philosophy and literary studies, which have been known since ancient times in Italy, Rome and the surrounding countries, in which unforgettable civilizations were created.

Faculty of Economics

This college provides world-class economic statistics, improves students’ levels, and provides global research to help solve current crises, improve the way out of global economic crises, and raise people.

Faculty of Politics and Sociology

This college was created specifically for the promotion of individual education in Italy and has become the center of the radiation of these things around the world. The University has been able to provide the latest specialized research in world politics and the impact of these policies on the social and human condition of the individual.

Other scientific majors

The Catholic University of the Sacred Heart includes a number of other scientific and literary disciplines, including law and law, in which all law departments are taught, mainly economics, the Faculty of Fine Arts, the Faculty of Philosophical Sciences, the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, the Faculty of Psychology, Environmental Sciences, College of Foreign Languages ​​and Arts, College of Social Sciences, College of Education, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, Natural Sciences and College of Banking and Financial Studies.

University services for students

-Through the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart you can get the highest degrees, which is the MA and PhD.

-The University provides the best laboratories specialized in many fields of science, in order to improve the level of students.

-The Catholic University of the Sacred Heart works to encourage scientific research and raise the level of students, and therefore the students graduating from the university, are at the highest level.

Sections for which graduate studies can be obtained

-Master and PhD degrees can be obtained from the Faculty of Arts, Department of Dramatic Arts and Communication and Media.

-From the Faculty of Commerce from the Department of Business Administration.

-and from the Faculty of Psychology Department of Psychology “Agustino Gemelli”.

-From the Faculty of Economics, Department of International Relations and Economics

-From the Faculty of Agriculture Department of Agricultural and Food Studies

-Finally, graduate degrees can be obtained in the sciences of health, medicine and surgery

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