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Catholic University of America | CUA is one of the most famous universities in the city of Washington, the capital of the United States of America. The Catholic Church, which follows the Vatican, was founded on April 10, 1887, Third, during the celebration of the glorious Easter holiday, in addition to that the university includes, more than three thousand students, and the university includes a large number of departments and services students.

About The Catholic University of America | CUA in Washington

-The Catholic University of America | CUA is one of the best Catholic universities in the world, because the university includes a number of the most important studies, as well as the most important Catholic theological studies, which follow the American Church.

-The Catholic University of America | CUA , since its establishment and until now, is working to solve most of the global problems, and provide scientific solutions to them.

-The University has 12 colleges and 21 scientific research centers, as well as working continuously, enriching students with the latest science.

Majors And Academic Programs – Catholic University of America | CUA

The Catholic University of America has a large number of scientific and literary sections, and are divided as follows:

College of Business and Administration – Catholic University of America | CUA

The College provides the scientific material related to accounting and finance, business administration, how to manage companies, and so on the science of these subjects.

College of Education and Training

This college is working to graduate students who are able to enrich the educational process, and teach the curriculum for children and their advancement and their future.

Faculty of Social Studies and Media – Catholic University of America | CUA

This section provides a number of sciences related to the visual and audiovisual media, as well as the provision of all related sciences, the fundamentals of sociology and solving local and international societal problems.

Faculty of Health and Medicine – Catholic University of America | CUA

This faculty is followed by a distinguished research center in all medical sciences, through which it can study the latest findings of medicine, as well as motivate students to continue scientific research and lead the world in the future.

Faculty of Creative Arts and Design

The College is one of the best colleges in the world’s artistic leadership, where students are taught all kinds of arts, mainly art, sculpture, photography, decoration and others.

School of Law

This course allows you to study constitutional law, international law, all types and sections of law, and international students can obtain postgraduate studies through them.

College of Engineering – Catholic University of America | CUA

This college includes a number of distinguished engineering departments, the most important of which are electrical engineering, civil engineering, mining engineering, aeronautical engineering, information technology engineering, mechanical engineering and other engineering departments.

Faculty of Architecture and Construction – CUA

One of the most important features of this section is that it allows students to interact with the practical life in a realistic way. Students can lead and participate in the architectural work from the beginning of the project until the delivery, allowing them to enter the labor market quickly and quickly.

College of Computer Science and Information Technology

From this college you can study everything related to computer technology, how to develop and promote networks, as well as a special section for digital studies.

The most important student services at the Catholic University of America | CUA

-The University provides a number of student services, led by a group of the best libraries of the University, which can be carried out by the latest scientific research.

-The Catholic University of America also provides a range of research laboratories, computer labs and adequate support for students, for scientific research.

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