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Brown University is one of the best and most important American universities, and it has a great historical importance as it is the seventh oldest university in the United States of America.

About Brown University

-The Brown University is one of the oldest and oldest universities in the United States of America, as it was founded in 1764 on the American island of Rhode, and is the seventh oldest university in the United States of America.

-The Brown University includes a number of the most important applied sciences and academic.

-The Brown University is constantly seeking to support the students and push them to progress, by providing the latest facilities in scientific research and educational programs.

-The Brown University has more than 6,200 students, as well as 2,000 students at the graduation stage. It also receives students from different nationalities from about 115 countries.

-The University has more than 51 doctoral programs, as well as 28 Master’s programs.

-All this besides that the university provides students with many scientific and recreational services.

Majors And Academic Programs of the Brown University

Faculty of African Studies – Brown University

And through this college is studying all the continent of Africa, from art, history, literature, civilization and archeology and others, as well as a section of the known doctrines in Africa and the nature of people and their sexual dealings and the type of literature that distinguishes them, and this is One of the most interesting sections for students.

College of American Studies – Brown University

This college was established in 1945, and it is possible to obtain a doctorate degree in American Civilization. It is the third oldest college to study this field in America, through which it can study American studies, human rights, American literature, The nature of human beings there, and American history.

Faculty of Archaeology – Brown University

Through this college, all forms of the effects on the ground, their relation to human development, as well as specialized studies in the conservation of these effects, and research on the history related to them, and the most important sections of this college is the modern American section.

Faculty of Applied Mathematics

Through this college you can obtain scientific fellowships and higher degrees, in many applied sciences, including mathematics, relations between mathematics and biology, mathematics and chemistry, and the relationship of mathematics to engineering, geography and physics, this, In addition, the College offers a distinguished program to prepare doctoral dissertations.

Faculty of Human and Civil Behavior – Brown University

Through this college, all aspects related to man and his health behaviours, and the impact of society on these behaviours are studied. The College also presented a number of studies on the use of alcohol and addiction, and its impact on health, global health, sexual health, Homosexuals and their influence on society and others.

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Studies Engineering

One of the most important features of this college is that it includes a large number of laboratories, a specialized centre for medical research, and the technology of the modern pharmaceutical industries, through which a number of medical researches have already been submitted concerning a number of medicines.

Other UNU faculties

-Faculty of Human Sciences.

-College of Biotechnology and Medical Studies.

-College of Biological Sciences.

-College of Chemistry – Brown University.

-College of Classical Studies.

-College of Psychological Sciences, Psychotherapy and Psychiatry.

-Faculty of Public Arts – Brown University.

-Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology.

-College of Continuing Studies.

-College of Earth and Geology Studies.

-Faculty of Environmental and Plant Studies.

-Faculty of Asian Studies.

-Faculty of Economics – Brown University.

-College of Education and others.

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