Best universities in Spain


Spain is one of the most important European countries and enjoys a very high rate of tourists throughout the year because of its enjoyment of all the elements that make it one of the most important tourist destinations, which is also one of the countries that are the first choice for students to study in one of the oldest universities, Spain has 78 universities Of which 51 are run by the state, including 27 private universities and 18 universities within the international classification of universities, so students choose them as a study destination. The study has a different taste, so we offer the best and oldest universities in Spain that are admired by scholars from all over the world.

Best universities in Spain

University of Salamanca

University of Salamanca is one of the oldest universities in Spain, which dates back to 1218 AD. The University has the admiration of its students to become one of the most attractive universities in Spain, especially after challenging its educational system in 2007.

University of Barcelona

University of Barcelona is one of the oldest universities in Spain. It is also the world ranking of universities. It is ranked 166th in the world. University of Barcelona was established in 1450. It offers a number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses and is distributed among 18 faculties. The top 100 universities in the world in terms of number of branches.

Autonomous University of Madrid

Autonomous University of Madrid is Founded in 1968 and ranked 186th in the world rankings, the Autonomous University of Madrid is ranked ninth among universities under 50 years of age. The University of Madrid has eight faculties, the most famous of which is the Faculty of Law, which has an exceptional acceptance of students worldwide. The main section is 15 km north of Madrid.

Autonomous University of Barcelona

Autonomous University of Barcelona was established in 1968 and is ranked 168th in the world rankings. Autonomous University of Barcelona is ranked tenth in the ranking of universities under the age of 50 years. Autonomous University of Barcelona is one of the universities whose central campus was established to promote the idea of ​​the university community, located 20 km from the center of Barcelona. University research centers have various academic, social and also cultural activities.

Complutense University of Madrid

Complutense University of Madrid is one of the oldest universities in Spain. Complutense University of Madrid is also one of the oldest institutions of higher education in the world. Its opening dates back to 1293 and was named after the Alcalá schools. Complutense University of Madrid is ranked 226th in the world. It is one of the best universities for the study of dentistry. In the world she gives a doctorate to a female in 1785

University of Navarra

University of Navarra was founded by St. Josimaria Escriva de Balaguer in 1956 and ranks 265th in the world rankings of universities. The best bachelor, postgraduate and master programs are available from this university. University of Navarra is also famous for its business management study. The Museum of Contemporary Art is designed by architect Rafael Moneo.

Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF)

Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) university is one of the modern universities in Spain, but it was ranked 29th in the world. It was founded in 1990 and attributed to the Catalan philosopher Pompeu Fabra. The Universitat Pompeu Fabra has three basic sections: humanities and social sciences, health and life sciences, communication sciences and commerce.

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