Best universities for pharmacy study in Canada


Pharmacy belongs to health sciences related to pharmaceutical information, medical installations and clinical services in order to create a better life. The MSc program aims to connect this knowledge with the practical expertise needed to find experts in this field. Canada seeks to differentiate it from the opportunities and resources available to be a destination Ideal for international students who wish to obtain degrees in pharmacy.

Best Pharmacy Universities in Canada

University of Waterloo

This university is one of the best universities in the fields of medical sciences and research for excellence in the quality of education. The MSc in pharmacy program offers students the opportunity to specialize in many fields such as:

Drug discovery

Pharmacodynamics and toxicology


Molecular Pharmacology

Epidemics science

Admission requirements include that the student has earned at least a minimum of 78% in the bachelor’s degree, grades, CVs, letters of recommendation, application for admission.

The Master’s degree can be studied in full or part time. The study includes lectures, workshops, theory and research proposal. The student must obtain at least a 70% average to complete the master’s program. There is also an opportunity for funding through scholarships, prizes, assistance, etc.

University of Alberta

Is a leading research institution with an excellent reputation in the field of pharmacy, to distinguish its faculty and graduates.

The Masters degree in pharmacy is offered at the University with a full-time course of at least two years and includes 8 months of specialization in pharmaceutical science or pharmacy practice.

Academic requirements

To obtain TOEFL scores above 550 for the paper exam, 213 for the computer exam, 88 for the online exam, or for the IELTS at least 6.5.

Obtain a bachelor’s cumulation rate of 3 out of 4.

Motivational message.


Previous practical experience

Pass the GRE exam.

The existence of letters of recommendation.

Funding opportunities are available through grants, scholarships and prizes.

Dalhousie University

It is the oldest and best research institution in Canada, known for its practical teaching training, and offers a Master of Pharmacy in Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences and takes two years to study the program.

Research in the field of pharmacology focuses on the following diseases: cancer, muscular and cardiovascular diseases, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, epilepsy, drug addiction. Admission requirements for this specialization include obtaining at least a Bachelor’s degree, plus a good TOEFL score.

Research in pharmaceutical sciences focuses on specific areas, and admission requirements include obtaining at least a B + level in a bachelor’s degree, plus a good TOEFL score.

Funding opportunities are available through scholarships.

Memorial University – Newfoundland

This large state university is well known for its pharmacy programs.

The Master of Pharmacy program is offered by the Center for Health Sciences of the Geneva Center for Child Health and Rehabilitation by providing five areas of specialization: Medical Chemistry / Drug Design and Discovery of New Molecules with Anti-Cancer and Infectious Properties, Pharmacology / Nephrotic Mechanisms and Prevention, Pharmacokinetics / cellular failure mechanism in autoimmune diseases, therapeutic drug control / epidemiology.

Admission requirements include an average of at least 75% in a bachelor’s degree, plus a good TOEFL score.

There are opportunities to fund the study through scholarships.

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is one of the best universities in Canada because it is renowned for the quality of education.

The Master’s program in pharmacy is offered in the fields of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacology and Toxics. The admission requirement includes a Bachelor’s degree in Baccalaureate, plus a good TOEFL score. Funding for the study is also available through prizes and others.

The Pharmacy Study in Canada qualifies students to gain a great deal of opportunity in the health sciences sector, as well as a broad professional development. This bonding makes Canada’s top pharmacy universities a sought-after destination for international students who wish to pursue their studies in Canada.

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