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The world has always been managed by money; it drives and controls our world; any idea, to be legitimate and implemented, needs adequate and adequate funding. This is where the role of the accountant emerges. He is the one who records, classifies, summarizes, and interprets financial information about a business. A certificate in this specialization makes you able to do so for any company in any field.

Despite the acceleration of the universe around us, and the need for finance experts and accountants to move with the times and see all the updates, this profession does not appear to be extinct in the near future. They are required by all companies and laboratories, you can apply for employment in any company regardless of its type and direction of work if you are an accountant. Which makes the holders of this jurisdiction have a high employment rate, especially if the certificate from a prestigious university as an example of universities in Britain, we mention here the list of the best accounting universities in Britain for 2017:

University of Bristol

After graduating from the top of the UK’s top accounting universities in 2013, Bristol University became very pleased after returning to the list of the best institutes in the Kingdom. Bristol’s competitive ability is largely due to the amazing employment rate of its graduating students, which increased over the course of one year from 77% to 92%, an incomparable rate on the table of accounting and finance universities.

Bristol University announced the ICAEW Foundation grant, which provides financial support for first-year students returning from low-income backgrounds in certain accounting courses.

University of Lancaster

The Department of Accounting and Finance at the University of Lancaster School of Management has been successful again, for the third consecutive year in the Top 10 List. The department has impressive results, with an average student recruitment rate of 82% and a student satisfaction rate of 4.33.

Lancaster University is committed to providing undergraduate and graduate degree accounting and finance to its students, providing its students with outstanding education with proven resources and facilities.

London School of Economics and Political Science

With such a name, you expect that London College will do well in all areas of business. The accounting and finance department provides the best for the purpose. It has been on this list since 2008. This is not surprising. Which stood at 3.46.

The London School of Accounting provides students with the ability to apply techniques in multiple situations. Curricula include a high degree of professional education.

University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow this year in seventh place means that the university was on the list of the best accounting universities in Britain for eight out of the ten years it was eligible to enter.

The team at Adam Smith Business School worked diligently and received the result they wanted, and their students’ satisfaction rate was among the highest in this area.

The University of Glasgow has a long and distinguished history in accounting and finance, dating back to 1925 when Johnston Smith’s accounting chair was established.

Education at the University of Glasgow is a unique trick: external teachers, who are professional accountants, lead the curriculum, allowing students to learn from their experience.

University of Warwick

The teaching of Warwick University is highly respected, as evidenced by the quality of its accounting and finance curricula. Its place in sixth place in the accounting and finance universities is very important.

High rates at all levels suggest that education here is appropriate experience in all respects. Education at Warwick Business School blends creativity with creativity, allowing students to develop their skills independently.

University of Louvre

The University of Louvre has a good reputation when it comes to accounting and finance, as well as in the Integrated Universities Directory, ranking among the top ten universities each year since we started publishing this guide. The College of Business and Economics has a particularly high rate of satisfaction (4.22) and the employment rate of graduates (90%).

The 4-year basic college of accounting and financial management includes a practical year (employed somewhere as part of your curriculum to gain practical experience). Students leave college and are well prepared to work in finance.

Queen’s University, Belfast

Not only did Queen’s University, Belfast, make a remarkable leap last year from 31st to 7th in the list of the best accounting universities in Britain, and it has now entered the top 5 universities in the Kingdom to study accounting and finance.

The University is now proud of the second-rate employment of its students, in partnership with another university in accounting and finance in the UK. 90% of its students may be employed in a professional job or are completing their studies within 6 months after leaving university.

The bachelor’s degree in accounting includes an important amount of practical content, so they bring more students to work in this area.

The curriculum offers a common privilege with French and Spanish, which is an ideal preparation for work in the global economy.

University of Leeds

Having competed with the top 5 universities in the Kingdom to study accounting and finance for six years, Leeds University has broken the gauntlet to find itself winning the bronze medal. Accountability at Leeds University is locally and internationally appreciated, a reputation that is undoubtedly driven by the impressive quality of its research.

This focus on research is in no way at the expense of students, as the University of Leeds Accounting and Finance Department brings together some of the most satisfied students in the UK.

Accounting and finance at the University of Leeds School of Business establish a deep understanding of how to play an important role in the modern business world and the modern economy. The basic curriculum at the college gives students the option of spending a year in industry or studying abroad.

University of Bath

For the second year in a row, the University of Bath has outstripped the list of the best accounting universities in Britain, but the second place next to the first puts this university firmly on the list of finalists.

High rates in all areas, in addition to being on top of this list on three different occasions, tell us that accounting education at Bath is not in vain.

The University of Bath’s Accounting and Finance study gives students a fundamental foundation in business principles and builds specialized accounting knowledge and skills above all. The university gives students the opportunity to choose a certificate of 4 years with employment in the field of work for one year.

University of Strath Clyde

They did it again. Strath Clyde University ranked first in the accounting and finance table, raising for the first time the number of gold medals in this field to the three.

With such an impressive record, it is not surprising that the criteria for admission to the University of Strath Clyde are the highest among all universities that offer accounting and finance degrees.

The University of Strath Clyde’s Department of Accounting and Finance offers students the opportunity to explore how to develop accounting to meet the needs of society. Students are left fully equipped to enter the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

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