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The Anglia Ruskin University is one of the most important British universities, which includes a large number of different disciplines and is interested in scientific research.

About the Anglia Ruskin University

-The Anglia Ruskin University was established in 1992 and now occupies a very good position among the universities of the world. The university decides a huge budget for the purpose of scientific research and development of laboratories, medical rooms and clinics, through which students study.

-The University provides a number of the most advanced programs in various fields of education provided to students, as well as it offers many courses for students and students of the university, and the most important of these courses, which are offered in the field of computers and technology and Engineering, Law, Economics, Business Administration and Science.

Majors And Academic Programs of the Anglia Ruskin University

Department of Arts, Law and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Law, College of Arts, College of English Language, Media Studies, Humanities and Community Studies are also enrolled in this department…

Department of Education, Health and Community Health

In this section, a number of medical sciences, especially surgery, microbiology and endemic diseases, are studied. This section is supplemented by a college of nursing and educational studies as well as community sciences.

Global Business Department – Anglia Ruskin University

This section provides a number of educational programs, including studies on economics and others on the foundations of business administration, accounting and finance, as well as studies on the global economic problems and ways to develop them. This section provides a number of training courses annually, which work To provide various science related to finance.

Institute of Technological Studies

The Institute offers a number of studies and academic programs, including a specialized department in the study of computer science, and another in modern software and the foundations of network formation and development. Through this section, the University offers a large number of research and scientific developments on an annual basis.

Institute of Oriental Studies – Anglia Ruskin University

This institute offers a number of issues related to the academic studies specialized in the civilization of the East and their religion and history, and work on the development of problems related to them and reduce and solve.

Services offered by the Anglia Ruskin University

Student Aid – Anglia Ruskin University

The University provides a number of student assistance, which is the provision of good learning methods, through the provision of the latest scientific research and curricula, which promotes the upgrading of students, as well as the possibility of communication with university professors throughout the day and throughout the week.

International chapters of colleges – Anglia Ruskin University

This service works to provide practical friction with a number of other international colleges. In addition, it is possible to study a number of sciences that may not be present at the university, through which they study art, fashion, music, ophthalmology and library science. And others.

Research – Anglia Ruskin University

The University offers world-class research centres at the highest level. A number of important studies have been presented through these centres, especially in the fields of women, technology, information sciences and others.

Other Student Services – Anglia Ruskin University

The University provides a number of health services, which are a hospital attached to the university which includes many specialities, as well as a number of psychological services provided to students and their families.

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