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The American College of Greece, one of the oldest and most important universities, established in Europe in general and this university, follows the special education system there.

About The American College of Greece

-The American College of Greece was founded in 1875, in the heart of the Greek city of Athens, and when it was founded it was one of the largest private universities in Greece.

-The American College of Greece receives a large number of students from all over the world because it seeks to provide the best academic curricula in the world.

-The American College of Greece seeks to develop scientific research, as well as it is constantly seeking to provide the best student services, to improve the lives of students even after graduation, in order to enable them to lead the labour market later.

-The American College of Greece offers 27 Master’s degree programs, as well as 21 graduate programs.

Majors And Academic Programs of The American College of Greece

College of Business Administration

The College seeks to provide the best academic education programs and specialized expertise in the fields of finance and business administration and is divided as follows.

-Finance and Accounting.

Computer and Information Technology Department.

International Business Department.

-Department of International Tourism Management and Hospital Management.

-Department of Management and can be studied, the foundations of management and human development, international relations, and shipping management.

-Marketing department.

Faculty of Science and Arts – American College of Greece

Through this section, a number of spoken arts, studies related to social relations, and how to develop them at the global level are studied. The college is divided as follows.

-Communications Section.

-Department of Economics .

-Department of English language studies, modern languages ​​and literature.

-Department of Science and Mathematics.

-Department of History and Philosophy, and studies of the ancient world.

-Department of Psychological Studies.

-Department of Social Sciences.

-Information Technology Department.

Alumni and Specialized Studies School – American College of Greece

This section teaches post-graduate academic sciences as this section allows students to obtain a Master’s or PhD degree, as follows.

-The Department of Psychological Studies, through which it is possible to specialize in psychological assistance, psychotherapy, and applied studies of psychiatry.

-The Department of Communication Sciences, through which it is possible to study the nature of international relations and social communication through media.

-The Department of Education through which learn English, and specialization in the rules.

-Department of Information Science.

Services provided by the College

-Since the American College of Greece is located in a country that is considered the heart of civilization and the ancient arts, it was a call to allow students to learn the various types of art from drawing, photography, printing, photography, poetry and various kinds of design and others. For the advanced students. In these studies, the university has already enabled the establishment of more than 300 exhibitions, since its establishment and until now.

-The American College of Greece is also interested in enriching the practical life of students, by bringing them to a number of important institutions, in order to study in practical terms.

This is in addition to the fact that the American College of Greece always offers a number of seminars annually, and these seminars are given by a number of the most important and the greatest professors of the world, and it is not necessary that these seminars have to do with the academic studies of students, but the purpose of enriching the information of students and Their interest.

-The American College of Greece provides a large number of facilities for students, in order to develop scientific research and multiple studies.

-This is in addition to the mental health and mental health of students, through training courses and activities, and lectures provided by.

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