Admission Requirements at Harvard University and the cost of study


Harvard University is one of the oldest universities in the United States, and even the best in the world. The Harvard University is distinguished by its large area, its facilities and its difficulty in accepting students.

History of Harvard University: –

The establishment of Harvard University was initiated by the Rev. Princeton Rev. John Harvard on September 8, 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the northeastern United States of America.

Its 85-hectare campus is located 4.5 miles north-west of the state capital of Boston. Initially, the university was named the New College. Before it was named, (Harvard).

The launch of this name is a tribute to its founder, John Harvard, who donated half of his personal wealth and 400 books from his library to establish the university, which includes 15 different faculties.

Including the College of Engineering, the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Arts, the School of Public Administration, the Faculty of Law, and one institution, the Rad Cliff Institute. Harvard University awards undergraduate degrees as well as stage certificates Graduate (Masters, PhD).

This is in addition to the professional degrees as well as continuing education, and certificates for the summer program, and ranks the University of (Harvard) ranked fifth in the world, in the difficulty of procedures, and the conditions of acceptance of students while the financial cost of study in the amount of (52) US $ 1 per year, without the cost of accommodation, which is estimated at approximately (3) thousand dollars.

The university administration also provides facilities for those who can not pay all of these large fees in the form of non-refundable scholarships to outstanding students both inside and outside the United States, while the financial endowments amount to US $ 36.4 billion.

This huge financial figure is equivalent to the amount of national income of many countries of the world, and it is worth mentioning that this huge financial moratorium to achieve the University of (4.2) billion.

The most prominent of those who graduated from Harvard University: –

He graduated from Harvard University with many presidents, including presidents Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Barack Obama and George Bush.

In addition to 47 Nobel Prize winners plus 48 famous personalities who received the prestigious Pulitzer Prize, along with many world renowned personalities, such as the American businessman Bill Gates.

Admission Requirements at Harvard University: –

Many high school students are rushing to join the famous American universities, notably Harvard University, although they do not know how to apply.

Which is characterized by the demand for private study from other applications to join other universities, and to study at Harvard University you will have to follow the following tips:

  1. Requires study at Harvard University to get a GPA in high grades, which will increase the chances of admission to the university, and to be taken into account try to get your (GPA) within (10-15%) in your class If you do not have a GPA, you will need to make sure that the other things you mentioned in your application are interesting and can compensate you for other differences, such as your previous academic studies, your most important activities in your field or why you chose this specialty.
  2. You will have to pass the Scholastic Assessment Assessment (TEST). The University conducts this test to find out the potential of students studying in it. It will consist of a set of language tests as well as tests in both general information and science. It is best for you to do these tests before you go to university to know your personal level.
  3. It is preferable to submit a CV in which your course is completed, preferably by your former teachers.
  4. Make sure that your certificates are translated, and certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or from the institutions of academic excellence.
  5. I am well prepared for the interview. It is compulsory at Harvard University to attend the interview, personally.
  6. You will have to pay your tuition fees first.

The most important questions to be raised by the Harvard University when dealing with applicants to study: –

  1. Did you reach your personal strength or the Great Academy?
  2. What kind of personality do you want to be 10 years from now?
  3. What is your personal ability to accept new ideas or people?
  4. What choices did you make for yourself, and why?

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