University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway | UiT

University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway | UiT

The University of Tromso is one of the most famous and important Norwegian universities, located in the city of Tromso, one of the largest and oldest universities there.

UiT | Universitetet i Tromsø – Norges arktiske universitet

About the University of Tromso

Founded in 1968, it opened to students in 1972 and now has more than 12,000 students. The University is the third largest university in Norway and was renamed the University of Norway in 2013.

The University follows the governmental education system in Norway, and because of its unique geographic location, it provides an excellent environment for scientific and applied research, especially in the field of natural sciences, biology and other sciences. The university offers more than twenty English teaching programs, Obtaining bachelor's, masters and doctorate degrees.

The university has a specialized centre in the theory of linguistics, as well as a specialized centre in the study of theoretical chemistry and computer. The university also follows the cooperation centre of the World Health Organization and provides specialized centres for the study of English for non-native speakers.

Specializations of the University of Tromso

Faculty of Science and Health

The College is one of the most important research institutions of the University. It includes one of the most important and largest research centres in Norway. The study provides a practical and academic application of all medical sciences and nursing studies, as well as studies of oral and dental diseases, Related to mental health and mental illness.

College of Fine Arts

Through this college, a large number of visual arts, including drawing, acting, music and others, are studied. The Master's and Doctorate degrees can be obtained in many fields.

School of Law

And is one of the most important colleges that provide comprehensive studies on Norwegian law, and this college includes more than 16 thousand students, and it provides students with many external activities, in order to raise the level of the process of study at the College.

Faculty of Biological Sciences, Economics and Fish Farms

Through this college, a number of different subjects related to the economy are studied, as well as studies on the fisheries and how to develop them, in addition to many studies related to the environment and how to benefit from its wealth, and studying about 1500 students.

Faculty of Humanities, Social Studies and Education

The College is one of the largest faculties of the university and provides many fields of study, including psychology, sociology, philosophy, etc., and has presented a number of scientific researches on democracy and the world between war and peace, Political borders, the world under war, cosmic philosophy, the college followed by a center specialized in language teaching, and another on women's science.

Faculty of Engineering and Technological Sciences

Through this faculty, a number of scientific subjects related to energy, as well as materials science and chemical engineering studies, as well as a specialized section in information technology science and how to develop it, as well as a department specializing in construction sciences, civil engineering, Specialist in electrical engineering and electronic engineering.

Other departments of the University

- College of Sports, Tourism and Community Sciences.
- Faculty of sciences and technology.
- Faculty of sciences and technology.
- College of Education Studies.
- College of Business Administration.
- Information technology college.
- College of Finance and Accounting.

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