The University of Campinas | UNICAMP, Top Brazilian universities

The University of Campinas | UNICAMP, Top Brazilian universities

The University of Campinas is one of the best public universities in Brazil and has been listed as one of the best universities in the world.

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University of Campinas | UNICAMP

About the University of Campinas, Brazil

- The University was founded in Sao Paulo, in 1966, and since then it has been one of the best academic and research universities in the city.

- The University offers a large number of scientific articles for some newspapers there, and has won the university at the level of 50 of the best universities in the world, and has continued at this level for fifty years.

- The University seeks to improve the level of scientific research in the world, though many of the distinguished research it offers in the whole world.

Specializations of the University of Campinas of Brazil

College of Science

The College includes a large number of specialized sciences, including the sciences of exercise, as well as many of the biological sciences, which are related to animals and animals and others, as well as some laboratory biology, as well as applied sports sciences, as well as a specialized section In architecture and construction sciences, another in civil engineering, another in chemical engineering, as well as a specialized department in computer science, another in statistical sciences and physical sciences, as well as in geosciences, geography and communication sciences.

College of Arts

This department is divided into several sections, including performing arts such as acting and others, visual arts such as painting and sculpture, in addition to a specialized section in music, another in rhythmic dance, and another section specializing in media science and international relations.

College of Engineering

The College is divided into Engineering Development and Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering and Construction, Communication Science Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Laboratories, Mechanical Engineering and Engineering of Modern Industries, Industrial Engineering and Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering and Engineering of Control Systems Technology and Food Science Engineering.

Faculty of Health

This department is divided into Oral and Dental Medicine, Medical Sciences, Nursing, Natural Sciences, Pharmacy, Speech and Physiotherapy.

Faculty of Humanities

This department is divided into physics, chemistry, language teaching, social sciences, economics and history, and a specialized centre in language education. This section includes 18 programs, the Department of Arts, the Department of International Commerce and the Department of Philosophy And Business Administration.

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Libraries and museums

The university has a specialized library of 19 books and contains many fields, including journalism, art, medicine, bioscience, humanities, technology sciences and other books in various fields. The library can also visit and enjoy books Without university.

The Museum of Science The museum offers a wide range of scientific discoveries and access routes, as well as explanations of these discoveries through video clips. The museum can also be visited for tourism purposes only and is not required to be affiliated with the university.

University Hospital

The University has three of the largest hospitals in the city. In addition, these hospitals include a special emergency department and another for clinical clinics and provide many aids and care for severe and emergency cases.

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