Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis

Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis

Purdue University Indianapolis, Indiana, USA is one of the world's leading research universities. It is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, and is different from Purdue University Indianapolis in the western city of Lafayette, Indiana. The length of the white river in the city.

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Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis

History of Purdue University Indianapolis

The Purdue Indianapolis University, also known as the Indianapolis Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), is one of the top 15 cities in the United States with a population of 2 million. West of downtown Indianapolis, within walking distance of the state building and many other government offices, and nearby are also many important companies and facilities.

Establishing schools and colleges at Purdue University Indianapolis

Indianapolis, Indiana, had two small universities, the University of Indianapolis and the University of Perdue, but in 1968 Dr Maynard K., The Dean of the College of Dentistry at Indiana University worked with the then Mayor of Indianapolis, Richard Logar, and the President of Indiana University, Sutton, and the President of Purdue University Indianapolis Frederic L. Hoved, and other community leaders looking to establish a large unified university in Indianapolis, Indiana, and in 1969 they merged the two universities together. Some schools were also established before the merger, including a medical school, a dental school, and a school. Law, and the Faculty of Liberal Arts.

Today, Purdue University Indianapolis, the country's largest nursing school, is the second largest medical school in the country. It includes the dental school, the only dental school in the state, and also the oldest physical education school in the country, And is among the top 20 universities in the United States if you want to get a graduate degree.

Studied at Purdue Purdue University Indianapolis

The University offers its students more than 200 different degrees. The University is home to thousands of students, of whom about 89% are from Indiana, while about 6% are from other states. The largest stadium in US universities.

Campus of Purdue University Indianapolis

The campus of the University of Perdue Indianapolis covers an area of ​​about 509 acres. The campus is followed by many buildings, such as the University Hall, which opened in July 2015. It is an important landmark on the campus. It also houses the Science and Engineering Lab Building, The non-medical sciences are opened on the campus of Purdue University Indianapolis, where biomedical engineering, psychology, and renewable energy research programs are studied, including biology and chemistry laboratories.

There is also an Ascension Center for Fine Arts at the Heron School of Art and Design, which opened in May 2013. The building includes a large multipurpose studio where public art projects are set up, as well as postgraduate, classroom, exhibition and laboratory studios the computer.

The first school to study charity

In 2012, the Higher Education Commission of Indiana approved a proposal by Purdue University Indianapolis to create what is believed to be the world's first school devoted to the study and teaching of philanthropy. The school was built to be a leader in philanthropy, research and training.

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