Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

The University is the first university established in Hungary in Hungary and is one of the most important technological universities in Europe.

Budapesti Műszaki és Gazdaságtudományi Egyetem
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

About the Budapest University, Hungary

- The university was established in 1635 and is the oldest university in Hungary. In the 18th century, it was moved to Budapest.

- In 1782 Emperor Joseph founded a number of colleges within it, including the Faculty of Arts and the College of Engineering, and was Emperor Joseph of the best who has developed and updated over a number of years.

- In 1984, the study was available in English at the university, and the development of it went on until 2000 when it was renamed the Budapest University of Economics and Technology.

- The university has more than 110 scientific departments with more than 1,100 classrooms, a specialized centre for scientific research, and the university receives more than 14,000 students annually, and a large number of these students come from 80 different countries.

Specializations of the Budapest University, Hungary

The University has a large number of scientific disciplines, through which it can study in Hungarian or English, as well as access to higher grades through the university.

Faculty of Civil Engineering

The College also includes a specialized section in geological studies, earth sciences, another department of mechanical studies, another to study methods and another to study water engineering and how to develop it.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

This department is divided into a number of other departments, including the Department of Industrial Materials Science, Mechanics, Energy Engineering, Structural Science, Applied Mechanics and others.

School of Architecture

This department is divided into a number of departments, including the Department of Construction Management and Technology, the History Department of Architecture and the Department of Building Science, Engineering Design and others.

Faculty of Chemistry Technology and Biochemical Studies

The College is divided into Applied Technology, Food Science, Chemical Physics, Chemical Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Natural Chemistry Technology and Chemical Analysis Technology.

Faculty of Natural Sciences

This college is divided into the Institute of Physical Studies, which includes the study of physical sciences, the foundations of the development of physical sciences, as well as the Department of Applied Sciences, as well as an institute specialized in sports studies, which includes a large number of sciences including Algebra and Engineering, Analytical and other, as well as a specialized section in technological studies.

Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

Through this college, a number of psychological studies, as well as educational technology and the development of continuing education engineering, environmental sciences, how to develop them, economics, history, communication technology, finance, accounting and business law are studied. It is followed by a specialized language teaching centre.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

This course includes the following: Applied Information Technology, Electronics Technology, Electronics Engineering, Applied Science Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Media and Information Science. This section is followed by a Mobile Development Center and an Information Technology Center, And another to develop technological science.

The university also includes a number of other departments, including the Department of Transportation Engineering and others.

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