University of St Andrews

University of St Andrews

The University of St Andrews is one of the best universities in Britain and in Scotland in particular. It is the third oldest university to speak English. The university was founded in 1410 and is located in St. Andrews. Overlooking the east coast of Scotland, the university has thousands of students annually.

University of St Andrews
University of St Andrews

About University of St Andrews

The University has been ranked in the list of the best universities in the UK for 2009, and has won the third place, and the University has a number of distinctive traditions, including wearing a red dress in the last year of the university, known as the bachelor, and this costume is worn in All events, held within the university, such as the appointment of the university president, the reception of new students, etc., and the students of the Faculties of theology, dressed in black.

Prominent graduates of University of St Andrews

- John Napier, a renowned physicist and theologian, who is famous for many mathematical discoveries, including logarithms, multiplication tables, division, etc.

- Sir Douglas Black, a well-known medical researcher who has been able to provide many in the medical field, along with his clear political contributions.

- James Blake, William Duke of Cambridge, Kathryn Ducka Cambridge and others.

University of St Andrews

The University of St Andrews has a large number of different scientific, literary and artistic disciplines. The University also provides numerous scientific research on a continuous basis, as well as the possibility of obtaining a Master's degree and a PhD from the University.

College of Art History

The Faculty is working to produce batches of professional artists in a number of technical fields, as well as providing the scientific material, which is the history of ancient and contemporary art. The department provides many art exhibitions for students.

Faculty of Languages ​​and Literature

This section specializes in the provision of specialized curricula in many languages ​​in the world, and the development of these languages ​​and literature that arose according to these languages.

Faculty of medicine

- This college provides courses that specialize in all that modern medicine has reached and its teaching to students. Moreover, this department continuously provides the world with the latest medical reports and researches.

- A number of other faculties, including Biology, Chemistry, Classical Studies, Computer Science, Geology and Earth Sciences, Economics and Finance, College of English and College. The Faculty of History, the College of International Relations, the Faculty of Management, the Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics, the College of Music, the Faculty of Philosophy, the Faculty of Physics and Surgery, the College of Psychology and the Community.

The most important services provided by the university to students


The University provides a constant climate and capabilities that assist students in scientific research, access to the latest scientific research as well as a large library, which includes all the needs of students books and laboratories are equipped at the highest level.

Psychological support for students

The university provides a specialized center to provide psychosocial support to students, and to their families, if necessary, in which the center works, the best psychiatrists.

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