University of Leicester

University of Leicester

Leicester University is a public research university based in Leicester, England. The main campus is located in the south of the city center, adjacent to Victoria Park.

University of Leicester
University of Leicester

Information about University of Leicester

The University established itself as a leading research university, and was renamed University in 2008 by the Times of Higher Education. Leicester University is also the only university to have been awarded the Higher Education Award for seven consecutive years. In 2016, the University ranked 24th in the full university directory and 32nd in the Guardian, and Leicester ranked 49 out of 126 universities. The university is also ranked in QS 2012 in the eighth university ranking among the international universities of Leicester in the UK for research citations.

Leicester University is the most famous university for the invention of genetic fingerprints and the discovery of the remains of King Richard III.


Leicester University was founded in 1921 and acquired the Royal Charter in 1957, Leicester is one of the oldest British universities. Leicester University has an international reputation for excellence in teaching and scientific research. The University is renowned for its invention of genetic fingerprints and the discovery of the remains of King Richard III.

Location and transportation

Leicester University is located in the heart of England, close to the M1 and M69 motorways. Leicester is a distinctive university at reasonable prices in Britain. Leicester is one of the most diverse cities in the UK. The university is located in the city center which combines heritage and cultural history, shopping centers, music, nightlife and sports.

Leicester offers public transport, including trains to London, through the 30-minute train stations to reach close to the campus. East Midlands Airport is 30 miles (19 miles) from the city via buses that run every 30 minutes.
Leicester offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, while international students need to demonstrate a good level of spoken and written English. There are many courses related to adding depth to your studies. Leicester University includes many courses to study abroad or spend a year in the industry.

University Sections

The University of Leicester organizes schools and academic departments at the University, which is divided into four faculties, which in turn support corporate services. Of these colleges:
Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Law
Faculty of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Faculty of Social Sciences
Replaced the four faculties and the five previous colleges in 2009.

Famous Lester University Graduates


Edgar Adrian, 1ST Baron Adrian (1957-1971)
Alan Lloyd Hodgkin (1971-1984)
Sir George Porter (1984-1995)
Sir Michael Attieh (1995-2005)
Sir Peter Williams (2005-2010)
Bruce Grocott, Baron Grocott (2013-)


Neil Christie, reader in archeology
Khurshid Ahmed, Islamic preacher
Lehman Andrews, American Studies
Isabel Armstrong, 19th century poetry scholar and women's writer
Graeme Parker, Professor of Disney Archeology, University of Cambridge
Richard Bonnie, historian
Alan Bruman, Social Sciences
Grace Burrows, violinist and orchestra
John Covey, Professor of Modern History.
Heather Cooper, astronomer and television
Eric Dunning, Sociology of Sports
Christopher Dyer, historian of the Middle Ages
Norbert Elias, German sociologist
Brian J. Ford, World, Visiting Professor
G. S. Fraser, Scottish poet
Anthony Giddens, a prominent sociologist, who studied social psychology at Leicester
Jeffrey Hoffman, NASA astronaut and physicist
Richard Hoggart, Sociology
Leonard Huxley, a physicist
Sir Alec Jeffries, Genetics, inventor of DNA
Hans Kornberg, biochemist
Philip Larkin, poet
David Mettingley, Roman archaeologist
Jack Simmons, Professor of History, 1947-1975
Brian Simon, Professor of Education 1966-1980
Sami Zubaida, Professor of Political Science

In addition to many public figures in various areas of the university, including:

Stephen Thierro, current chairman of the Malaysian Bar Association
Peter Atkins, Physical Chemistry
Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party in England and Wales
David Blanchflower, economist, professor of Dartmouth College
Sir Malcolm Bradbury, author
Justin Chadwick, actor and director
Philip Campbell, editor of the Armed Forces Nature
Michael Cordy, novelist
Liam Donaldson, Head of Medical Services
Graham Joyce, novelist
Norman Lamb, MP
Beth McCarthy, writer, announcer, and comedian
Bob Mortimer, The Comedian
Massimiliano Neri, fashion model
Michael Nicholson, Journalist
Patrick Redmond, novelist
Sir John Stevens, former Metropolitan Police Commissioner and former adviser on international security issues to Gordon Brown
John Sutherland, Guardian Writer, Honorary Professor of English Literature, University of London
Laurie Taylor, Broadcaster and Actor, Sociology
Tony Underwood, England Rugby International Union
Sir Alan Walters, economist and former economic adviser to President Margaret Thatcher, 1981-1983 and 1989.
Andrew the sailor, the poet
Brian Wilson, Oxford Sociology
Malik Zahoor Ahmed, Minister of Information of Pakistan
Passion of Yahya Agha, President of Kosovo
Yurki Katainen, Prime Minister of Finland

When you join the University of International Studies (ISC), you have to take the first step in starting your successful journey to a prestigious degree from an international university.

The University of Leicester offers a good preparation opportunity for students with excellence. Leicester University programs work on combining academic units, study skills and English language training, which aims to provide a better degree with a chance of success when you progress on the university.
Study group
The University of Leicester International Studies Center offers many of the Study Group's programs in cooperation with the University. Study Group is a global leader in preparing students for international academic success.

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