University of Kentucky . . . The largest university in USA

University of Kentucky . . . The largest university in USA

University of Kentucky
University of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky (UK) is a public college of mixed education in Kentucky. Founded in 1865 by John Bowman on behalf of the Kentucky Agricultural and Mechanical College, the University is the largest college or university in the state, with 28928 students starting in the fall of 2012, ranking the top ranked university in the state according to US News and World Report.
It is divided into 16 colleges, a graduate school, 93 undergraduate programs, 99 master's programs, 66 doctoral programs, and four professional programs. The University of Kentucky has fifteen campus libraries. The largest library is William Young, a federalist, hosting topics related to social sciences, humanities, life sciences and groups. In recent years, the University has increasingly focused on research expenditures, following the contract established by the General Assembly of Kentucky in 1997. The directive was directed that the university has become the best public research institution ranked 20th in overall order to be determined by the same university, by 2020.

The University is divided into several faculties, including:

College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, 1908
College of Arts and Sciences, founded 1908
Jatun College of Business and Economics, founded in 1925 (originally on behalf of the Faculty of Commerce)
Faculty of Communications and Information, founded 1976
Faculty of Dentistry, founded 1956

Bio-Pharmaceutical Building is the headquarters of the College of Pharmacy
College of Design, founded 1964 (originally was the Faculty of Architecture)
College of Education, founded 1923
Faculty of Engineering, founded 1918 (by integrating the original colleges, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, mines and minerals)
Faculty of Fine Arts, founded 1976
The Faculty of Health Sciences, founded 1966 (originally as the Faculty of Medical Staff)
College of Law, founded 1908
Faculty of Medicine, founded 1954
Faculty of Nursing, founded 1956
College of Pharmacy, founded 1947 (originally established in 1870 in Louisville)
College of Public Health, founded in 2004
Faculty of Social Work, founded 1968
College of Graduate Studies, founded 1912

Martin School of Public Policy and Management

Paterson Diplomacy & International Trade School
Students enrolled in the University who have any affiliation with the Special College of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Unit, Counseling and University Studies are assigned to the University Education Division.
Other colleges no longer exist at the University of Kentucky and include the Faculty of Science and Libraries (a chapter of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in 1968 and incorporated in 2003 in what is now known as the Faculty of Communications and Information) and the School of Home Economics (established in 1916 and which was co-founder Mary Sweeney ) Is now a Faculty of Environmental Sciences located within the College of Agriculture.

The University of Kentucky is a member of the SEC Academic Union. It has now been renamed the SECU, which was the initiative of a cooperative endeavor aimed at promoting research, scholarship and achievement among member universities of the South East Conference. SECU formed its mission to serve as a means to strengthen academic cooperative endeavors of universities with the South East Conference. Its goals incorporated including the undertakings and achievements of the SEC employees, understudies and colleges and advancing the scholastic notoriety of the SEC colleges.
In 2013, the University of Kentucky participated in a SEC seminar in Atlanta, Georgia, which was organized under the leadership of the University of Georgia's Biological Systems Research Institute of Georgia. The theme of the symposium was "Renewable Future Energy in the World. "

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