University of Exeter

University of Exeter

The University is one of the most famous universities in South West England, specifically in Exeter, Devon County. The University has seen many stages of development and development, and is now one of the most famous and most prestigious British universities.

University of Exeter
University of Exeter

About the University of Exeter

- The university was established in 1850, and was then a school of sciences and literature only, and was not declared as an official university, except in 1955, and was able at this time to obtain the privilege of opening the university.

- Until 2008, the university's students did not exceed 15 thousand students, and this number includes college students and postgraduate students.

- The university has three campuses, these are located in Stretham, Tremo and St. Luke, and the main campus of the University, is located in Stratham.

Academic Details of the University

- The University ranked one of the best universities in Britain, and that according to 2012, where it got the tenth place, and then advanced, to get the fifth place according to the poll, which is happening continuously in England.

- The University was able to receive the Times Award, for the best universities in addition to, receiving three times the Queen's High School Award.

- While the university won the first place, among the British universities in ancient archeology.

- The University also ranked fourth, in obtaining student satisfaction, and it has been listed among the top 300 universities globally.

University Departments and Colleges

The University has a large number of academic and scientific colleges.

College of Business Administration

This course includes Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management Studies and Organizational Studies.

Faculty of Engineering and Physical and Mathematical Sciences

This includes computer science, engineering and environmental sciences, earth sciences and geology, mathematics and natural sciences, physical sciences and energy sciences.

Faculty of Humanities

The College of Architecture, College of Art History and Visual Sciences, College of Ancient History and Classical Studies, College of Drama and English, College of Film Science, Foreign Language Center, Modern Language Center, Faculty of History and others. .

Faculty of Environmental Studies

This course includes Biology, Environmental Studies, Geography, Environmental Studies, Nature and Psychology.

Faculty of Social Studies and International Studies

The College includes Arabic Islamic Studies, Faculty of Education, Law School, Faculty of Politics, College of Philosophy, and Logic.

Faculty of medicine

The College includes the Institute of Medical Sciences and Clinical Studies, the Institute of Health Sciences, the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Studies, the Faculty of Medical Sciences and the College of Nursing.

Services offered by the University

The most important student services
- The university campus includes all the things that help to promote the academic and recreational level of students, which is the centers of scientific research and libraries at the highest level, and some services available for books and scientific material students.

- The university also works to provide some student activities, which enable them to pay attention to the level of scientific research, and the development of hobbies and activity and the University, interested in the level of afforestation and plants within the university, in order to obtain a healthy environment.

- The University is also interested in scientific research centers, in order to get all the services that raise the world, in general and Britain in particular.

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