University of Boras

University of Boras

Boras University is one of the most famous universities in Sweden. The university has a number of important disciplines, as well as scientific research.

University of Boras
University of Boras

About the University of Boras, Sweden

- The University of Boras is one of the most famous universities in Sweden, which is interested in studying business administration, fashion and others. The university campus is located in the heart of the city of Waldina. It was established in 1977.

- The University has about 14,000 students, a large number of these students of different nationalities, and the university is one of the most important universities, which is interested and provided by the students of Sweden.

As for the field of scientific research, the university is very interested in this field, and has already submitted several research projects, distinguished and the most important of these projects is the study of smart textiles, as well as research on how to recover resources from waste. Before many regional companies.

- The University provides the opportunity for students to find the best jobs after graduation, by providing many training courses and others.

Specializations of the University of Boras

The University offers a large number of distinguished scientific and academic disciplines. It provides students with systematic service using the clock system.

College of Fashion Design

Through this college, the world's best-known bases are taught in fashion design and the university has already helped to graduate a number of the world's leading designers and designers.

College of Marketing and Business Administration

Through this college, the fundamentals of business, accounting and finance are studied, and this faculty is able to obtain both masters and doctorate degrees.

College of Fashion and Textile Sciences

Through this college, the Master and Doctoral degrees are obtained in the latest technologies used in the manufacture of textiles, fashion and how to develop and promote the industry.

Faculty of Library Sciences and Information Systems

And through this college is learning the best methods used, in the promotion of libraries and provide the best services, and in particular digital libraries.

University training courses

- Training course in effective construction science.
- A course in teaching Swedish for foreigners and beginners.
- English course for Swedes and foreigners.

Services provided by the University

The University is working to provide a healthy and distinctive environment, in order to promote the process of study for students, and this depends on several grounds.

Academic level

The university is always keen to provide students with the latest student curricula and the best research sciences. The university is constantly working to provide the latest scientific research in the fields of study so that the student can graduate. He has the best information in his speciality.

Attention to the personal life of students

This is done in a way that cares about the practical life of the students, where interest is given to their hobbies and interest. The University always strives to improve the level of its theatre in order to help students interested in the technical aspects. Artworks, and teaching to students.

Libraries and laboratories

The university has a library of Sweden's largest libraries. The library contains a large number of books, digital research and print, as well as dead places for students to study, as well as other places to eat.

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