Roskilde University, Denmark

Roskilde University, Denmark

The Roskilde University is one of the best universities in Denmark. The University is interested in a specialized scientific research centre, through which it can obtain the degrees of master's, bachelors and doctoral degrees.

Roskilde University
Roskilde University

About the Roskilde University, Denmark

- The University was built in Roskilde in 1972 and is one of the largest universities in Denmark.

- The university is interested in solving the problems of society, especially those that belong to the Danish society, so a large part of the field of specialized scientific research within them, is interested in the field of social sciences.

- The University has about 8,800 students per year, as well as 950 university workers.

- The University is interested in supporting the cooperative health community of the students, in order to provide the best scientific levels and to provide a good healthy environment.

Specializations of the Roskilde University of Denmark

Faculty of Arts and Communications

The university offers a specialized faculty in communications and art sciences, both practical and academic. This college includes the sections of journalism, communication, creative design, history, philosophy, science, cultural studies, language studies and literature.

Faculty of Human Sciences and Technology

Through this college, all humanities are studied, through which many human activities are supported, community health research is conducted, and information technology science is studied. The College has already submitted a large number of researches on the most accurate problems of society. , Including the addiction to computer games.

Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies

This college is working on the study of all types of science, including chemical and physical sciences, and many studies related to the environment, including specialized studies on the impact of modern technology on the environment, and has already submitted a number of specialized research, including studies on the use of rays Xx at airports.

Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Administration

This college teaches the various types of societies around the world, and relates to these societies of science, culture, beliefs, religion and language, identifying the problems related to them, and working to solve them in order to develop ways of difference, During which the study of everything related to the management of business, and one of the most important research provided by the college studies on the rates of crime, and how to use the weapon of democracy.

Roskilde University Library

The University has a specialized library that brings together a wide range of books in various fields, in order to provide access to scientific research. The University has a specialized digital library at the highest level. The library also offers the possibility of purchasing books from all over the world. Of the library's services, including the possibility of printing and borrowing books and the use of computers, and the library provides a number of lectures and seminars held by senior professors in the world, in addition to that it can receive students throughout the week, from eight in the morning and Until 4 pm.

It is possible to obtain the master's and doctoral degrees in the university in many fields, including solving problems internationally, as well as a number of specialized sciences and environmental sciences, in addition to the possibility of study distance, and also provide two programs of study one intensive, It is completed within one year, and a maximum of four years. Furthermore, the University is very interested in students in terms of health, psychological and social, and is interested in providing all amenities for students, whether academic or personal.

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