Miami University

Miami University

Miami University
Miami University

The Miami University is a public university in Oxford, Ohio located in the southwest of the United States of America in Ohio, about 50 miles northwest of Cincinnati. Founded in 1809, the Miami University is the oldest university in the Western Allegheny Mountains and the seventh oldest university in the United States. It is one of the best public universities. Currently, the University has about 23,100 students.

Sites Miami University

The university has published more than four sites. In addition to the main campus in Oxford there is a campus in Hamilton, another in Middletown, and the European campus John Dolipos in Differdange (Luxembourg).

Miami University Colleges

Faculty of Engineering and Occupational Sciences
Faculty of Arts and Sciences
College of Fine Arts
Faculty of Economics
College of Graduate Studies


There are sports teams for a university, the university is a member of the American Congress.

Famous Miami University

He graduated from the Miami University many celebrities, including:

Paul Brown (1908-1991), American football coach
Maria Cantwell (born 1958), a member of the Senate of Washington
Arthur Cluckey (1921-2010), Director of Cartoon Animation
Steve Darius (born 1966), a member of the US House of Representatives
Web (1907-1998), American football coach
Stanley Greenberg (born 1945), political adviser
John Harbaugh (born 1962), American football coach
Ron Harper (born 1964), a professional basketball player
Benjamin Harrison (1833-1901), former President of the United States
Nathan Pevey, (born 1985), is a professional basketball player
Ben Roitlisberger (born 1982), a football player
Paul Ryan (born 1970), Republican candidate for vice president, for the 2012 presidential election
Wali Szerbyak (born 1977), a basketball player
Dustin White (born 1979), ice hockey player
Kate Fugel (1986), singer and actress
Mac Yuho (1936), a football player

Personal attention

The Miami University is a nationally recognized university and can be considered one of the most prestigious university institutions. The Miami University is a public university located in Oxford, Ohio. The Miami University operates a wide range of strong academic programs with personal attention.

Opportunities to participate

The Miami University is interested in developing opportunities for participation, by strengthening its focus on personal attention by studying in the disciplines chosen by postgraduate students, who accompany university students by engaging with faculty in research activities and large scholarships. Miami offers residential and community programs to engage students in activities to build their leadership and development capabilities.

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