Kaplan International Colleges in Britain

Kaplan International Colleges in Britain

Kaplan International Colleges
Kaplan International Colleges

The study of English is one of the most important things any student aspires to now, as he is studying English with all its rules for excellent job opportunities in the Kingdom or abroad, so students prefer to study English abroad because they see that study abroad is the place to learn more On the skills of learning English, and one of the most preferred countries of scholarship is Britain as the basis of English, the study of English in Britain is very tasty, and there are specialized language Colleges and capable of the most efficient teachers, one of the most prominent language Colleges in Britain is Ahad Kaplan International, which enjoys wide interest from scholarships to study it, and in this article we offer Kaplan International Colleges guide in Britain.

Kaplan International Colleges

Kaplan International is a division of Kaplan Education, headquartered in London, and was founded in 1967, offering English language courses, university preparation exams and academic courses in 42 locations around the world, a subsidiary of The Washington Post.

Kaplan International Colleges offers a range of English language courses as diverse as English, English, English, English, English, French, German, French, , cae, cpe), GMAT, GRE are very suitable Colleges for learning English in Britain.

The aim of the Kaplan International Colleges is to help all their students and students to achieve their goals of improving English, especially when living abroad, discovering new cultures, developing their professional perspective and, more importantly, improving the curriculum vitae of any job opportunity in Britain. Kaplan International.

General English Learning Programs:

General English Course.
Intensive English Course.
English courses on educational trips.
English courses face-to-face.
English courses for the age of over fifty.

Semester and academic year programs:

1. English Academic Semester Program:

Intensive English Semester Program.
Academic Year Program in English.
Intensive Academic Year Program.

2. Preparation programs for international examinations:

Cambridge Exam Preparation Course.
Course Preparation Test (TOEFL).
Course Preparation for Testing (IELTS).
The GMAT Setup Program.
Setup program to test (GRE).

3. Business English Learning Programs:

Diploma in Business Communication Skills.
English Business Program.

4. Professional programs

5. English programs with work.

Branches of Kaplan International Colleges

There are a wide range of Kaplan International Colleges around the world, with 44 branches in Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, and Malta. There are also unique schools located in the city center. There are also many schools located on high-ranking university campuses. The environment that suits him because in any case the Kaplan Colleges will provide easy ways to learn, access to sources and books, as well as the entertainment aspects of the Kaplan Colleges by making trips to the best cultural, social and historical attractions.

Kaplan International Colleges branches in British universities

Kaplan International Institute (Covent Garden), London.
Kaplan International Institute, London, Leicester Square.
The Kaplan International Institute is located in Oxford.
Kaplan International Institute (Cambridge).
The Kaplan International Institute is located in Bath.
Kaplan International Institute (Manchester).
The Kaplan International Institute is located in Bormouth.
The Kaplan International Institute is located in Salisbury.
The Kaplan International Institute is located in Edinburgh.
The Kaplan International Institute is located in Torquay,

Conditions for Student Visa GENERAL TIER-4 in Britain:

To qualify for a GENERAL TIER-4 visa, each student must obtain 40 points through the following:
• Registration with one of the accredited schools / Colleges accredited by the Department of Immigration and Passports, Kaplan International Colleges is accredited by Accreditation UK, one of them.
• Registration at one of the Colleges listed in the list of accredited bodies UKVI This list includes educational institutions accredited by official bodies only, and Kaplan international Colleges listed in this list.
After these two conditions are met, 30 points and the remaining 10 points will be collected when proof of the financial ability to pay tuition fees and living expenses in Britain. It is worth mentioning that the opportunity to obtain a job in Britain while studying at one of Kaplan International Colleges courses Study but after which the best opportunities will be obtained.

Accommodation and accommodation

The Kaplan International Colleges offer students the opportunity to choose the best accommodation and accommodation option. They are offered accommodation with host families, student apartments or residential buildings that can be on campus. All accommodation and accommodation are available to the student. The Kaplan International Colleges are an opportunity to be grasped.

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