"Kiron" is the first free university in the world for refugees only

"Kiron" is the first free university in the world for refugees only

According to the UNHCR, about 42,500 people are being driven out of their homes every day, no doubt a number. While some people are helping, Kiron University has declared it the first free university for refugee education.

Kiron University
Kiron University

The first free university in the world for refugees only
The number of people displaced from their own countries, especially in Asia, is not the same as in 1 in 122 people who have become refugees or forced migrants from home or home. According to the statistics of 2014, the number of refugees is about 60 million refugees in the world. In order to provide the right to education for this group, the University of Kiron offered its humanitarian initiative.

What is Kiron University?

The University of Kiron is a university established by a team from Germany in October last year, mainly based on donations from the Internet. The university offers its services online through study on the ground, and now there are 1200 students studying in this university, it offers university degrees to four programs to date, namely management and computer science and studies of cultures and architecture . This university does not require students to bring all their documents because it is normal for refugees to lose in their own countries a number of their own documents.

How does the university offer its teaching services?

The university is largely dependent on universities with partnership agreements such as Harvard University , Yale University , Cambridge University, and MIT , where educational services are provided online with the help of these universities, and part of the university's own funding, I used a sum of donations to teach 250 students directly.

How can I apply for this university?

The University is currently dedicated to refugees and registration is open to registration since the end of April. Submit the application via: https://kiron.ngo/study/apply-admission

Why was this university established?

Because refugees find many difficulties on their way to university. Admission procedures require recognition of diplomas, passing of language examinations and other barriers. To speed up the admissions process, Marcus Krissler founded the University of Wales University, which later changed its name to the University of Kiron, which means the Greek language of wisdom and goodness.

Marcus says there are no barriers at this university, because we allow every refugee to register at our university, even without any documents. Pointing out that the study began in October with a thousand students according to the university page on Facebook. The university will start to study in the autumn, where the programs are scheduled for the beginning of 2015. Its professors are from Berlin Free University and the Berlin Academy of Arts, as well as professors from prestigious international universities such as Harvard and Stanford, Through the Internet for students without any charge.

This degree can be obtained at both undergraduate and graduate levels. It was expected that the owner of the project, which receives only 400 students to receive in the next year 300 new students, but the number was large and reached a thousand students. But the only drawback here is that there are many procedures that must be addressed and are currently communicating with cooperating universities in order to contribute to the provision of spaces for the exams in the halls of buildings so that the university in the framework of the global school systems.

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