The Anadolu University is the largest university in Turkey

The Anadolu University is the largest university in Turkey

Anadolu University
Anadolu University

Anadolu Üniversitesi is a state funded college in Eskishehir, Turkey, the second biggest college on the planet. The Anadolu University was set up in 1982 by the Federation of Four Higher Education Institutions of the List in Esquisheir: Academy of Economics and Business Science of Eskishehr, State Academy of Engineering and Engineering, Institute of Education, and Medical School. The Academy of Economics and Business Science was established as soon as possible (in 1958), and the Anadolu University was adopted that year as the date of the institution.

The University

The Anadolu University has most universities and schools, including the Open School of Education, situated on the Yunusemre grounds in the focal point of Eskisehir. The campus also includes student accommodation, Anatolia University Hospital and most of the University's administrative buildings.

The Ikieylul campus, outside the center of Eskishehr, features the College of Physical Education and Sports, the College of Engineering and Architecture, and the College of Civil Aviation, together with the Associated Agency of the Anadolu University . In addition to these two universities, the Porsuk vocational school is located separately in Eskisehir, the Bilgik vocational school in Biljek, the Bozüyük vocational school in Bozüyük.
The University administers 88 administrative centers to serve students of distance learning, or offices, in urban areas throughout Turkey, many of which offer academic advice and optional evening classes .

Distance Learning

The Higher Education Act of 1981 nominated the Anadolu University as the National Provider of Distance Education, which has been based on its strong focus since its establishment in 1982. The goal of the university is to educate Turks living in rural areas and others who do not have the time or resources to enroll in traditional schools. This was a highly successful attempt to enroll in open education programs and increased from less than 30,000 in 1982-1983 to more than 870,000 in 2005-06, which is now also available to Turkish communities in Northern Cyprus and the European Union.
Anadolu University and State University of New York Empire State College offers EMBA distance education 2005-2010.
The courses are delivered by a variety of methods, including broadcast television, pre-recorded radio, video conferencing, and online. Students can also access academic advice or attend optional evening classes at some of the offices of the Anadolu University
located throughout Turkey.

Colleges and schools


Faculty of Education
faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Humanities
College of Science
College of Fine Arts
collage of rights
Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Faculty of Economics
Faculty of Communication Sciences
College of Business Administration
College of Engineering
College of Architecture and Design


College of Physical Education and Sports
School of Music and Drama
School of Industrial Arts
School for the Disabled
Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management (previous college since 2012)
Foreign Language School

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