University of Complutense

University of Complutense

University of Complutense
University of Complutense

The Spanish University of Complutense is located in Madrid. It is one of the oldest universities in Spain. It is one of the oldest and oldest universities in Spain and the world. It also has more than 117,000 students a year. The university has a large number of scientific disciplines.

History of the Complutense University of Spain
The Spanish University of Complutense was founded in 1499 by Alcardinal Francesco Jiménez de Theseneros, but it is rumored that the true history of its founding was in 1293, and it was a beacon to study a number of disciplines, including theology, medicine, philosophy, etc., Graduates of the university, he is Ramon Mundith Biddle, a renowned historian and linguist.

Fine arts
The college can obtain a bachelor's degree, a master's degree, a doctorate, and a number of specialized studies in a number of technical fields, the most important of which is the design, which is taught in both English and Spanish.

College of Science

The University offers a number of specialized courses in biological, microbiological, and insect sciences, and the study in this faculty is in Spanish only.

- Faculty of Chemical Sciences
In this section you can learn specialized scientific subjects in chemistry, chemistry, and others.

Other specializations within Complutense University

- College of Commerce and Tourism
- College of Computer Science
- Faculty of Dentistry
- Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration
- College of Education
- Faculty of History and Geography
- College of languages

- School of Law
- Faculty of Library Sciences
- College of Mathematics
- Faculty of Media and Communication Sciences
- Faculty of medicine
- College of Nursing
- Faculty of Ophthalmology
- College of Philosophy
- Faculty of Physics
- College of Police and Politics

- College of Politics
- Faculty of Psychiatry
- Faculty of Economics
- College of Veterinary Medicine

Departments that provide academic studies at the university
Administrative Law, Microbiology, Police Sciences, National Economics, Biochemistry, Civil Law, Constitutional Law, English Studies, Economic Analysis, and some specialized sections in Technology Science, Guardianship and Police Sciences, Philosophy and Logic Medical departments, microbiology, some sections of philosophy, and some sections of psychology, other sections.

University Student Services

Exercises and courses
The University offers a number of training courses and courses in many fields, and a number of these courses are specialized in preparing students to lead the labor market.

Student Services Center

This center deals with all matters relating to students, especially foreign students, to study at the university.

health insurance

In this regard, the University is working to provide a number of health services, and these services are provided to both the Spanish and foreigners, with attention to students who suffer from any of the difficult and chronic diseases.

Computer Services

The department provides academic laboratory services, information services and modern technology.

Playing sports

The University provides a climate of exercise that motivates students to exercise well.

Educational courses for non - university students
The University offers a number of training courses and seminars in many fields, such as international law, business administration, commerce, English studies, German studies, marketing sciences and economics. It is not necessary for students to enroll in the university.

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