Toledo University

Toledo University

Founded in 1872, Toledo University is one of the most famous and best universities in the United States. Its main specialty is medical studies. It is one of the largest centers of higher education and scientific research centers. in America .

Toledo University
Toledo University

Faculty of Arts and Arts

The college has more than 1,900 students and can obtain a bachelor's, master's and doctorate degree. It also offers more than 17 educational programs. The college includes a large number of sciences, including communication sciences, music sciences, Psychology, and Department of Philosophical Studies, it also continuously offers a number of courses, specialized seminars, art history, and a number of important arts.

College of Business Administration

It is one of the best colleges in the university, and it is possible to obtain postgraduate studies in the field of television sciences and many studies related to business administration. The College also provides a number of studies related to technological sciences and others.

College of Education

This college aims to change the pace of education in all parts of the world, through which the Bachelor of Education can be obtained in many departments, and it is also possible to obtain the Master's and PhD degrees.

College of Engineering

The college includes a number of different engineering departments, including civil engineering, electrical engineering, technological engineering, mining engineering and others.

Faculty of Health and Human Sciences

This college, as well as its departments, provides many human and health services to the university and students from other faculties. It includes sections on crime studies, health sciences, public health and psychotherapy. In addition, University and for expatriates as well.

College of law

Through the college, it is possible to specialize in a number of different departments, including the Labor Law, laws relating to medicine and hospitals, international law, criminal law, constitutional law and other important sections.

Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences

Through this college, the University provides students with adequate support, providing them with the latest scientific and medical research, and the latest innovative devices that facilitate the advancement of the educational process in all medical fields. Indeed, the University has worked on graduating, the best doctors around the world, That it grants the degrees of the Master and PhD, for regular students at the university, and those who come from abroad.

The university also includes a number of other faculties, mainly the Faculty of Natural and Mathematical Sciences, the Faculty of Nursing and the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Some services provided by the university

- Through the university can choose the most appropriate way to regular study, that this method is part of the time, or full time as desired by the student.

- The university can also study and obtain a university degree, without moving to live in America only by communicating with the university through the Internet.

This is in addition to a number of services provided by the University to its members, including the health care service for students and psychological care for students and their families, especially for those suffering from psychological problems, and the scientific and academic research service supported by the university.

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