Queen Mary University

Queen Mary University

Queen Mary University is one of the universities of the University of London. The University has a long and long history. It was founded in 1785 and was officially admitted to the University of London in 1915. Since then, Research Lighthouses Around the world, the University has recently been ranked 11th in the UK, and the University has more than 23,000 students per year.

Queen Mary University
Queen Mary University

The most prominent graduates of the University of Crane Mary British

- James Parkinson, the famous surgeon who has produced remarkable results, about Parkinson's disease, has been a research called involuntary shiver.

- The world's Peter Mansfield, who has been able to win the Nobel Prize in Medicine, has been on MRI.

- The philosopher Alder McIntyre, has presented to the world many philosophical studies, led by many works, in the history of philosophy, theology, virtues and ethics.

Queen Mary University Departments

The University of Mary is divided into a number of major departments. These departments are divided internally into other departments and are defined as follows:

Faculty of Humanities and Community

This college plays an important role in academic life within Queen Mary University, and it continuously provides courses for students, as well as providing the latest scientific and academic research.

Departments of the Faculty of Humanities and Community

Faculty of Economics and Economics, College of Economics and Economics, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Faculty of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Geography, Faculty of History, Faculty of Languages ​​and Literature. , And others, in addition to the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Politics and International Relations.

Faculty of Science and Engineering
And a supplement to the college scientific research center, and is preparing many courses for students and non-students of this college.

Faculty of Science and Engineering

The College is divided into several sections, including the Department of Biological Sciences, the Department of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, the Faculty of Engineering and Materials Sciences, the Faculty of Physics and Space Science.

Faculty of Medicine and Dental Sciences

This college is a scientific research center in the world. It offers a large number of scientific researches in various medical sciences and its departments.

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Medicine, College of Pharmaceutical Industries, College of Oral and Dental Sciences, College of Nursing, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Industries, and Clinical Research College, as well as a specialized section in the study of cancer.

Faculty of Humanities

The College is working on graduation, students studying a number of different important humanities, and it is providing a number of training courses.

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Genetic Engineering, Faculty of Biological Engineering, Faculty of Psychology and Society.

Outstanding student services at Queen Mary University

Development of social life
This is done on a number of important axes, and these topics are identified in the development of students, in terms of psychological awareness, and community, and the development of student activities, and develop their skills and abilities.

Academic experience

The University provides a climate and training courses to help students gain academic experience, which gives them the opportunity to lead their world and their future after graduation.

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