The John Naisbitt University

University of John Naisbitt

The University of John Naisbitt is one of the most famous universities in Eastern Europe, specifically in Serbia. The university was established in 1989 and was named Vittgids at the time. It was one of the most prominent universities in the field of organizational behavior and management. The university has been accredited in Europe, where the university certificates are ISO 9001 certified.

John Naisbitt University
John Naisbitt University

Organize the study at John Naisbitt University

The study is conducted within the university based on the system of hours, in the division of classrooms, and the university is working to provide many lectures on a continuous basis, and these lectures are given by the largest lecturers and senior politicians.

John Naisbitt University Specializations

College of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering can obtain a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering in construction, electrical engineering and electronics, as well as a computer science department and a specialist in applied science education.

Collage of Arts

This course has a Bachelor's degree in interior design and decoration, graphic arts, graphic design, architecture teaching, sections for teaching arts such as music, and fashion design.

Commerce College

This college enables the student to obtain a bachelor's degree in business administration, marketing and economics. Graduates from this college also have the priority of preparing as directors and heads of departments in economic and commercial companies. The college can obtain a number of courses in Many fields.

College of Technology

It is possible to obtain through this college the Bachelor of projects and innovations, and the student through this college can learn all the science of technology and related to the computer.

College of Science

This college is taught by a PhD student. Many of the sciences can be learned through this college, including biological, chemical and physical sciences, as well as a special section for learning mathematics, geology and rocks. During which he specialized in medicine, technology, or health sciences.

Faculty of Social Sciences

It is possible to obtain a Bachelor's degree in science, and this course is taught in three or four years, through which it is possible to specialize in the sciences of liberal arts, psychology, sociology and international relations.

Faculty of Economics

Through this college you can obtain a bachelor's degree in economics, and through the college the student can learn all about accounting, economics, and some research on environmental resources and the power of consumer to the world's largest markets.

Management college

Through the college, you can obtain a bachelor's degree in management science, learn all about economics and some sociology, human resources and how to develop it, and a special section to learn about organizational behavior related to psychology. On a master's degree.

Faculty of Humanities

Students can specialize in psychology, some literary studies, historical sciences, and some studies related to languages, their development and literature.

The university enables students to obtain their degrees and learn all their sections, through the Internet, as well as obtaining certificates through the Internet.

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